Oregon Health Plan

OREGON HEALTH PLAN & CHIP (children’s health insurance program)

Adults with household income below 138% of FPL (Federal Poverty Level) likely qualify for the Oregon Health Plan, also known as Medicaid.

This table illustrates income levels for 2015 based on your family size and yearly income. If your estimated household income for 2015 is less than one of the amounts shown, you will likely qualify for that type of financial savings.

Subsidies Estimated on Percentage of 2015 FPL (Federal Poverty Level)

2016 Household Income
Family Size Oregon Health Plan (OHP) OHP for Kids Tax Credits (see individual plan page)
1 $16,243 $35,899 $47,080
2 $21,983 $48,587 $63,720
3 $27,724 $61,275 $80,360
4 $33,465 $73,963 $97,000
5 $39,206 $86,651 $113,640
6 $44,947 $99,339 $130,280

2016 Income Guidelines for Oregon Health Plan (OHP)

If based on these incomes, you feel you’ll qualify for the Oregon Health Plan, you should visit OregonHealthCare.gov. Then, answer a few screening questions to find out what application works best for you.

It’s best for most people to complete an application at HealthCare.gov (the national health insurance website). HealthCare.gov provides an automated application and enrollment process.  Most people will find out right away what they qualify for at HealthCare.gov.

You may also complete an online PDF submit your application online or paper application print application.

To find out what application you should use, answer the questions on OregonHealthCare.gov.

OHP Customer Service can be reached at 503-373-7493.
Mailing address: P.O. Box 14520, Salem, OR 97309-5044